Wednesday, November 08, 2006

window dreamer

*the year was 1990, I was in eighth grade*

On that cool, breezy, December day
over to my window I walk,
Up go my guarding window shades
then down I go plop

Here I sit and make believe
as I watch the grass green blow
Here I sit I am the Queen
because my mind says so

I begin to rise, I stand fully grown
my window is alive
And here I go, my first step
yes it is my own

On my second step the wind takes me,
my third step is the last,
As I begin to fly you see
the rest I leave in past

I wish this dream never to end
because I am wild and free,
If I come back my story will never again be
And I really do not want that you see

For I am the window dreamer
flying about in the clouds,
I will not stop my dream, no never
for me that is not allowed



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